Eco printing on paper

Having watched various Youtube videos on eco printing papers, I’ve been trying a different technique.  I soaked watercolour and mixed media papers in aluminium acetate and plant material in alum, though I forgot to do the plant material once and it didn’t seem to make any difference.  I secured the layers of paper between two round grids with G clamps, but quite loose.  I added a little vinegar to the boiling water and a good teaspoon Rit blue dye.  I am really pleased with the results.  Some of the pages I made into a book, some I used for cards and I still have plenty more sheets to do something with.   Plant material used :  leaves and shoots of walnut, continus, black elderberry, mountain ash, acer, St John’s wort shoots with flowers just opening and rose shoots with a red flower (the cover).  I also used some French marigold and anthemis tinctoria  flowers plus some autumn rose and continus leaves that had been in the freezer. View the Post

Spring is just around the corner

Or maybe not, given the present weather, but it seemed like it at the time, with flowers blooming all through the garden.  The cover is from a notebook I bought made in Thailand. The cover is made from leaves (banana?) stretched over board. View the Post