December Quilts

December journal quilt

December moon


I got up early one morning when the moon was full and the fields covered in frost, full of reflected light and shadow.

The hand dyed foreground has been stitched, rolled over with white acrylic paint and then slashed between the stitching, cut away in places to reveal the layers below.  The sky is a piece of batik cloth and the moon is cut from painted Bondaweb, the trees made from a foam stamp with added stitching.  I used a piece of shiny fabric for the river.  I feel the piece conveys the slightly unreal feeling of that morning.


Hydrangea  blues

I recently found some photos I had taken last summer of some hydrangeas whose colours particularly appealed to me.  I felt I needed to make something colourful to cheer me up in this drab weather.


The centre piece is five layers of different fabrics, varying in colour from blue through purples to pinks.  I’ve used tiny pieces of yellow fabric and yellow beads in the centre of some of the flowers to represent the stamens.  I stencilled the flowers in the borders, using Markel paint sticks and appliquéd further flowers, using more beads here and there.  All the fabrics are hand dyed.


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