First photographic inspirations

A new year and new work.  I’ve recently taken up photography again quite seriously.  I took this photo of a rose in the garden on Boxing Day (one of three roses on this bush, the one I didn’t pick is still going strong today).

Christmas rose

The first work I did from this image:

La rose en Chute

La Rose en Chute

This photo was taken on the light box, using a piece of leaf printed silk fabric wrapped around a copper pipe, the pressed roses and leaf, with some post-processing in Photoshop.

The following image combines the above image with one taken of a wall in the Charente in France, with a lot of layering and processing in Photoshop.

Faded Memories

Faded Memories


My idea all along was to transfer these images to fabric.  For the first piece I used a piece of yellow tissue paper, crumpled, glued to calico and part bleached.  I then used some left over Procion dyes and black writing ink on the wetted paper to create the background texture.  The piece was ironed on to Vilene before using Bondaweb to adhere the flowers and leaves which were then stitched, together with the tendrils going up the wall – stems? thorns?  I then sponged on more dye around the top, with more stitching.  Finally, I rubbed some silver crayon over the top flower are to bring out the texture some more and Treasure Gold in several places.


The second piece is a quilt:


I used the same piece of leaf-dyed silk cloth as my background.  The quilt is in two parts, the central area being separated from the wide border by a stitched frame.  The flowers are cut from hand dyed viscose velvet, the leaf from silk.  I stitched the whole central area before sponging on the flowers and leaves around the border and then stitching this area.

The flowers are from hand dyed viscose velvet, the green leaf from more silk fabric.

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