Creative sketchbooks – Module 1

We start with home as the place of inspiration for this module.  This is an initial piecing together of a few images that I hope give a feel of what my home feels to me.  The flowers are dried poppies that I have stuck down with acrylic medium, both underneath and over the flowers.

Into the kitchen

I photographed my cutlery drawer and did some drawings of spoons, looking at the way the light fell on them.

First attempt – didn’t fill the page.  Second attempt below, did fill the page and is a better drawing I think.

Now for some tracing…

minimum linea bit more detailed line
takr a line for a walk
tonal values

Rubbing away – I covered the page with graphite, used the eraser to work into this for the shapes, then added more detail with the pencil.

Adding pages… image on the left, one layer of tracing over the entire photo, on the right, a second layer on the left hand side, slightly offset.


Finally, the last piece of tracing on the left hand side of tonal values.

Rubbings over shapes cut from a cereal packet…

Rubbings over wire shapes…

Using water soluble graphite pencils… water added to the shadows on the spoon in the image on the left, to the shadows on the right.

Cutting away page edges… three spoon shapes cut from the page, left attached at the spine of the book, with the photo laid beneath two of them.  A rubbing of wire spoons underneath, laid hapharzardly to represent the way they usually are in the drawer.  An additional tracing of more spoons laid over this in the image on the right.

Combing phot with drawing … an attempt to seamlessly meld the two.  Koh-i-noor wash over the backgrounds, a line added to represent the edge of the table and some graphitint used for some of the shadows.

Putting different techniques together… an imaginary composition.

A hole was cut into the page in the shape of the mug to see to the page below where I stuck in the photo and painted the background with a pale black wash.  Then I added a piece of tracing paper with overlapping outlines of the mug over this.

Below is the other side of the main page where you can see the blue mug which is a photo stuck on to the previous page.  This reverse side probably needs a bit of colour too.





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