Chapter 2 – Plain Edges

I didn’t want to burn back the Kunin fel too muc, just enough to give a lacy feel to it.  It could stand more, depending what I was doing with it.

I think with all the above samples the appliqué shapes stand out quite well.

Muslin frays really well and this has worked well.

Using napkin layers was a mistake as the moment the paper was wetted, it tore back to the stitching, so a more robust paper would be better.

More background experiments

This background was made intentionally for the bookcover below.  I also used it to make bookmarks.  It would make an interesting background for more embroidery.

The lutradur could also be burnt back to create a lacy effect.  I realise I have placed it vertically in my sketchbook whereas maybe it should be horizontal!

Below is a left over piece I used a while ago but could be developed further.  A piece of callico was painted with dilute PVA on to which was adhered tissue paper, bits of wide mesh scrim and lace.  This was then stitched back and forth and finally painted.


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