Shape observations and first stitches

The first observation of wall 1 is taken from the different coloured textures as this is one large block of stone, but I thought the differences showed up as shapes in their own right.  I used some paper I had made ages ago which I thought nicely reflected the textures.

This is the second wall where each shape is a seperate stone.  This is using black cartridge paper.

This is my first attempt at stitching on canvas.  It is quite a large hole canvas which I happened to have – subsequent pieces are on 10 holes to the inch.  All the threads worked well enough except for the strip of cotton fabric which kept breaking.  Thin threads obviously give a more open structure and show the canvas squares underneath, while thicker ones give a more blocky effect.  Below is my second attempt and an attempt to think how I might translate the rubbing into stitch.  The fairly thick greyish wool I used first for the heavier marks doesn’t work at all and looks too messy.  The most successful piece is the one bttom left.  I realise it is really difficult to cover every hole of the canvas and feel quite daunted by it.

The rubbing below is a closeup of the piece I want to use.  It looks complex and I realised I couldn’t just go straight into trying to stitch the whole piece.  I needed a plan of action so to speak and I thought a tracing would  give a more linear idea of how I could work the stitches.

Then I thought I would do something totally different and more abstract as a change and to see how it turned out.  The base is vilene painted ochre/orange, covered with lutradur painted grey with patches of painted bondaweb and both machine and hand stitches, with the edges then melted.  I am not totally satisfies with it, particularly the machine stitching, so I’m sure I will have another attempt.

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