Initial studies in France

We spent a week in a gite in the Charente area of France.  This was part of an old farm complex where there was an abundance of beautiful old walls.

I loved the variation of colours in this piece of stone work – weather worn with different growths of lichens and mosses.

This close up shows the area I thought the most interesting.

In this first sketch I was perhaps trying for too much detail, whereas in the second one below I was attempting to reproduce just the shapes and colours.  I actually did the first sketch for each wall first before going back for a second attempt on both.

This rubbing with a black wax crayon is of the close-up section.

I was then attracted to the wall on the other side of the door.  This was equally weathered but much more subtle in colour and I think will be the piece I work on.

Now back home, I’m looking forward to working on the next part of the project.

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