October Journal quilt

An abundance of perry pears


There is a steady thud as the pears hit the ground.  Unfortunately the local farmer is not making perry this year and when I tried to juice some with my cheap juice maker it was not successful.  The background fabric is lightly dyed cotton/linen sheeting that I had rollered over with acrylic paint with threads wrapped around the roller.  It was evocative of the gnarled trunk of the tree.  I cut open a pear and printed the cut side on to the fabric, the central seed star clearly visible.  The three appliqued pears are cut from a crinkly velour. I coloured in the branches and leaves with intense pencil and water, adding colour to the trunk as well.  I then used  then added machine quilting which has given a slightly embossed feeling to the piece, though this is not conveyed very well in the photo.  Finally,  I enhanced some areas with white Markal painstick to give some light and shade.

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