More fun with tissue paper

This is really quite addictive!  I’ve been playing around with it for the last week or so, trying out various ideas.  This is a fairly large landscape which I have framed with black mount board in a black frame.


I stuck crumpled brown tissue paper on to paper, which I then bleached.  I applied colour – mainly left over Procion dye and some Brusho, waxed the bits I wanted to retain, bleached and then applied the final colour.  I like the effect of slight mistiness that this painting has.

Winter sun through trees


One of the other course members had used Quink ink on blue tissue paper and I had loved the way the ink ran into all the creases in the paper, so I had a go to see what would happen.  There is no wax involved in this method, just crumpled tissue paper which was wetted before I added the ink.  I then added sprayed judiciously with bleach.  The result looked so much like a winter treescape that I painted in a wintery sun.

I wasn’t totally pleased with my first architectural attempt on the course, so did some more.  This is my third attempt – again, I wasn’t satisfied with the first two , but this one I quite like.


Winter tree

I just love the effects of inking onto blue tissue paper and then bleaching, the rusty colours that result.  This one started off horizontal,  but after the first bleaching it needed something more, so I wet the paper and then added more ink, letting it run into the crinkled paper.  Adding the strong straight ink line with a fainter echo to one side and turning the piece to vertical gave me this very satisfying image.




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