Monthly Journal Quilts 1

I have decided to make a small journal quilt each month, inspired by whatever is around me.


This is the first one I made for November, but I wasn’t totally satisfied , so did another:  I was struck by how much colour there is still around this year so late in the season, lots of leaves on the trees still.  The lower base fabric is a piece of rusted cotton which had some nice lines on it.  I overlaid a piece of dyed organza, frayed edges, which partly covers the top appliquéd ‘tree’ shapes.  The lower three shapes are stitched on top of it.  The size is approximately A4.

November surprises:


Rain, rain, rain in December:


Since seeing an exhibition of Dijanne Cerval’s quilts in France a few years ago, I have realised how important the back of the quilt is as well as the front.  This piece of commercial batik fabric perfectly continues the theme of falling rain.


This is another tiny quilt I made using commercial fabrics (except for the sky and the water).

small landscape quilt002

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