Memories of Istanbul – the completed piece

Finally it’s finished!

My evaluation of the piece

I kept to my inition vision of a hanging inspired bythe plaque I had seen hanging by a doorway in Istanbul.  The main difficulty was how to incorporate all the images I wanted to include, but this became easier once I had made horizontal divides rather than vertical ones – this was a huge improvement.  The project grew more and more complex in order to produce what I wanted.  The whole piece took me 104 hours to complete , starting in October 2012, finishing January 2013 and that did not include thinking time.  I spent around 50 hours in the planning, designing and sampling stage, and 50 hours making it, although I was still experimenting and sampling well into this stage as some elements could only be resolved once I had begun to put everything together.  I spent a further 5 – 6 hours on the blog and evaluation. It is difficult to evaluate costs as apart from buying a length of calico, I used materials I already had.  An estimate would be around £15.

This is definitely the most complex piece I have ever attempted.  It was interesting to note how many of the techniques I had learnt through the course came into their own – without my really searching for them.

I am very pleased with the results, though am probably still too close to the piece to really appreciate it yet.  I certainly learnt a huge amount in doing it.

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