More Indigo Work

After the wonderful course with Rob Jones at West Dean College, I made up my own indigo vat.  I wanted to dye some papers and I also wanted to eco print in a turmeric bath, over dyeing with indigo.  The end result was this book, using papers, fabrics and various other bits and pieces.  Most of the circles were obtained by clamping before dyeing and I also used a hole punch as I constructed the book. The tiny bits of fabric on page 4 are the end blocks at either end of a row of mokume stitching. The images on the final two pages are cyanotypes, a process with which I am just beginning to experiment.  Finally, I used encaustic wax over the covers.

Here are three pieces of fabric.  The first is quite large, this is just a portion of it.  First eco printed in turmeric, then clamped and put in the indigo bath a few times.  The second is a larger version of the “dandelions” and the third is a piece of eco printed silk over dyed  with indigo.

Altogether I am pleased with the results I achieved.

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  1. I love your work!!! I was looking up the best paper for eco printing and stumbled on your website. Can you explain how you use botanicals with acrylic painting?

    Laura Aiken

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