Chapter 8

line images - 1

I saw these images of the arctic seas and was fascinated by the lines formed, though I did think they might be more open to fabric manipulation than stitching, but you never know….

line images - 2

The above images are an assortment of straight lines, except for the image bottom right where the squares of the fence look like a grid over the contours of a map.   All of these could easily translate to stitch, especially the top imagewhich seems to have great possibilities.

line images - 4

I have had the picture of these sacks of cotton for ages, wondering what to do with it – I think it is amazing.  I’ve tried drawing the walnuts, both this image and the one in the colour images section, but very unsuccessfully, though I am sure they could work somehow.

line images - 5

This is another abstract collage that I think could translate well into stitching.

line images - 6

line images 7

I photograph plants and trees a lot – there are so many different shapes and nuances in nature.

take a line for a walk - drawing
take a line for a walk - sewn sample
mark making -1
mark making - 2
mark making 3
mark making - 4

This was great fun and I probably could have gone on and on, but wanted to try some stitching.

mark making - sewn sample - 1
emotions - drawn
emotions - sewn

I’m not sure there is enough differentiation between some of these!  And I don’t think you could immediately tell by looking at them what emotion is portrayed.  So not a total success…

photo of alders - Freeman Patterson, Portraits of Earth
alders - worked sample - stitching on hand-made felt

Portraits of Earth is a wonderful book, full of ideas that could be taken into stitch.  I did this a while ago, using the picture as a starting point rather than direct copy.

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