Chapter 7 – Developing Stitched Textures

Couching yarns

Couching yarn, zigzag, foot on

I loved combing the colours for this piece and for the one with automatic patterns below.

a couple of experiments
in the style of Bridget Riley

I probably needed a larger piece of stitching and more curves to achieve a real optical illusion, so this sample is only partly successful.

couching yarns with automatic patterns

Bits and bobs

view of a flowerbed

I chose an image that was relatively simple in shape and colour and although the over-riding colour is green, there are lots of different textures and shapes.

stitched sample

I am quite pleased with the result, but it took forever to do as I had mainly quite thin pieces of yarn and it was difficult to keep them down on the backing layer of felt as I stitched them.  I just didn’t seem to have much in the way of thick yarns that might have made it easier.

Design source to inspire texture

I love this image of the lotus flower seed head and I felt it had lots of texture to get to grips with.  I spent a long time thinking about how I could stitch this – even after I had drawn it and planned the design, there didn’t seem to be an obvious solution.

photograph of sample

The phot shows the texture better than the scanned sample from my sketchbook.

I was pleased with the result and feel it is a good interpretation of the image.  The procrastination paid off!


2 Replies to “Chapter 7 – Developing Stitched Textures”

  1. this is inspiring work Cherry…… the interpretations, the textures and the colours……the garden piece is lovely, and the lotus has worked so well; I love the way you have worked through the design and come up with such effective ways to interpret it. A bit daunting coming along behind you through the course!
    cheers, glen

  2. Hi Cherry
    Wow, your samples are great! I am also doing the machine embroidery level 2 and am currently on module one. I was not sure what needed to go on a blog, and looking at your work has really helped – thank you
    Kind regards
    Sarah Brimson

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