Chapter 4 – Fastenings

It’s fun making cords and I can see that you could use them in a practical way to tie things, eg books, bags etc, but also in  a purely decorative way, as a bookmark, an edging or simply to enhance the look of the object.  Braids too can be used in the same way.  Here you are letting the yarn or fabric used to be visible as an integral part of the design.

It ws easy enough to make roun d or oval beads using the wet felting methods, but flat beads worked better uding the embellisher – it was easier to get a flat surface which would then take stitch.  These are simple paper beads, but you could go further, embellishing them with yarns and beads twisted around.

I made this fabric on the embellisher some time ago and thought I would amke it into a little purse using two buttonholes as the fastening method.

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