Book 4 – Bound with words

A new book, focussing on words around a theme.  It took a while for me to find my theme, but as the garden grew more and more parched before the recent rains, the word ‘water’ kept creeping into my consciousness.


The pages are in sequence and reflect my thoughts around water and our relationship with it.  The cover is made from painted pelmet vilene.  Some of the pages have been created using flour paste as a resist, some using salt as a resist to move the fabric paint.  Other pages were screen printed or arashi dyed.  The snow page is textured paper coloured by using paint on a roller.  The spines are cut from khadi paper which was dipped into an indigo bath.  There are three signatures, sewn to the cover with hemp thread.



The left hand page below has strips of printed abaca paper overlaid on printed fabric.



Below I have used silver leaf for the moon although it looks white in the photo, plus painted bondaweb.




Another book I loved making.



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