A new textile book

This seems to be a continuing passion – when I feel stuck for a new project I have a look at my fabrics and think about another book.  Another passion is experimenting with ways to print leaves and tree forms.

Several of the pages are eco-printed.  There are pages towards the end composed of several pieces of fabric sewn together and dyed as one piece, then printed with red + umber acrylic paint using actual leaves.  I didn’t like it for use as a hanging, so cut it up for use here.  Other pages have been screen printed.  Pages 5-6 were made by gluing pale blue tissue paper on to calico, then using Quink ink and bleach to produce the ‘branch’ shapes.  I’ve used appliqué, transfer printed leaves onto Evelon, bits of lace, pearl buttons and khadi paper which I bleached with leaves. Having sewn through the spines, I stitched a crocheted doily around the outside and tied the threads together with beads around a eucalyptus stem.

leaf textile book-1

leaf textile book-2

leaf textile book-3

leaf textile book-4

leaf textile book-5

leaf textile book-6

leaf textile book-7

leaf textile book-8

leaf textile book-10

leaf textile book-11

leaf textile book-12

leaf textile book-13

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