A Nature Journal

I loved the course I did with Roxanne Evans Stout which resulted in my Four Seasons book, so have done another course with her to produce a Nature Journal.

Flowers from the garden photographed on a plate, surrounded by real flowers that I glued down with matte medium:


Painting of flowers and a scrap of eco printed rice paper:

Leaf paintings:

A drawing and a mono print:

More eco printed paper with a mono print:

A tiny concertina book glued on to the page: The birds and butterfly are taken from RSPB magazines.

The back:

I so loved the effect that I did a second:

The background on this page is a piece of paper on to which I pounded the imprints of leaves and flowers, then enhancing these with ink:

Walking out from the studio, I saw the sun red in the sky.  Together with the strange light in the sky it was an extraordinary sight.  I spread modelling paste over some grasses, which i then removed and when the paste was dry I used inks to colour the page.

This is a work in progress, I intend to continue  until I have used up all the pages in this sketchbook!  There is always something new to see in the garden.

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