Module 3 ‘flights of fancy’ chapter 1

I’ve chosedn to work with Indian fold art as one inspiration for this module.  I went to India some years ago on a textile study tour, visiting Gujarat and Rajasthan, coming home with a wealth of material waiting to be put to good use.

I’ve used the image of women and cows below for my first stitched piece.

Below are the inspiration and ideas for a stitched pattern background and the finished piece.  It sort of works, at least gives some idea of what could be done.

Automatic patterns stitched on velvet


The yellow side shows the colour of the snippits more effectively than the red, which is perhaps a little heavier as a fabric.

More backgrounds

I used the image on the left below as my inspiration for making a print block.

I think this would have been better if I had managed to line the prints up more precisely, so I could get the stitching to line up as well.


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