May Journal Quilt

I didn’t buy any new tulips last Autumn, but many of the previous year’s “Venetian” collection from Sarah Raven came up again as well as some other bright magenta pink ones that come up year after year and are a fluted shape rather than the traditional cup shape.







I knew I had to something with them for this month’s quilt and decided to do an abstract piece, concentrating on conveying the richness of the colours.  I used all silk pieces of fabric.  The centre piece is made by sewing strips of fabric together, applying this to paper-backed bondaweb.  A grid of squares is drawn on to the paper and then diagonals on to the squares, in both directions, forming new squares.  You then cut along these diagonals, arrange your pieces on to a background fabric and iron on (paper removed of course).

The wonder of tulips


I also made a cover for my current A5 sketchbook:


I used my embellisher to add various fabrics (a lot of silk scraps) to a background piece of dark blue felt.  I then stitched on various multi-coloured silk yarns.

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