First textile book

I went to the Fashion and Embroidery show at the NEC last month and saw some fabric books on Ineke Berlyn’s stall which I really loved, so I was pleased to find that she was doing an online course for these. Five different books over a six month period.

This is my first one, a scroll which could also work as a hanging.

The outside:  A piece of Procion dyed curtain fabric, over stamped  using acrylic ink.


The inside:  Strips of fabric hand stitched to the backing.  All the fabrics are bits left over from previous work, mostly my own dyed fabrics, a few commercial pieces.  Some have previous stitching on them and are quite thick, the excess cut from quilt borders.  The pearl buttons are from my mother’s collection, now passed on to me. The stick at the end has been many times through the eco dye bath.




The scroll rolled up and secured:


I really enjoyed making this and am looking forward to the next one.  It is also a long time since I have used only hand stitching.




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