Eco prints on paper

I thought I would experiment eco-printing on paper as well as fabric.  I tore the sheets into A5 size which would fit in my steamer,  wet them first, then laid on the flora,  with sheets back to back, so as to only get one image on each sheet.  The bundle was placed between two pieces of card, tied, weighted down and steamed for 2 hours, turning the bundle over half way through.  It was left to cool in situ until the following morning.  These are some of the best.

1)  Copper beech leaves (picked from the tree – they say you get the best results from fallen leaves and this is probably true for fabric) on Khadi paper.


2)  Rose flower, stem and leaves of Japanese rice paper.


3) The same stem on Khadi paper.


4) Tagetes flowers – breaking up as I cut away the thick calyx- on Khadi paper paper.


5) The same image on Japanese rice paper.


6)  Another rose stem, with Alder leaves fallen from the tree and calendula flowers, which haven’t printed clearly but have left colour, on watercolour paper.


7)  Blackcurrant leaves and a dark leaved dahlia stem on Khadi paper.


These colours look somewhat brighter than the actual papers and I don’t know how much they will fade, but it was fun.

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