Chapter 10 – Colours, line and texture

free embroidery drawn samples
free embroidery samples - 1
free embroidery samples - 2

I really enjoyed doing these samples and feel a lot more confident that I can make the machine stitch where I want to go.  Not yet perfect, but better!

Patrick Caulfield - Pottery
poppy heads

I found this old photo of mine and thought it had possibilities, but after a couple of drawings I simplified it into the design below.

design for finished piece

I wasn’t totally satisfied with the stitch samples I chose for the top image, more so with the second.

stitched sample

I used a very dark blue to start with and then because it didn’t seem to show up very well, I went over the stitching with a slightly lighter blue.  I’ve used gold thread in some places.

poppy seed heads design 2

I decided to take the poppy seed heads as an actual image and work with that.

poppy seed heads stitched sample 2

When I came to stitch, I re-positioned the colours as I preferred them this way.  I dyed the satin brown, before printing with claret dye the image I had painted on to paper.  This sample has a warm tone to itand is fairly muted in effect.  The threads are yellow, purple, red and blue, with each outline done in yellow.

poppy seed heads stitched sample 3

For this sample I printed on to a furnishing fabric remnant.  I thought the rounded shapes in the fabric would make an interesting background to the image.  I discarded the yellow colour .  I know the effect is very subtle with the colours I have used – red, pink, blue, pale blue and purple with silver over the pink and pale blue, but I like it.  The silver thread glitters nicely in the actual piece, though I don’t think the scan shows this.  This is my favourite piece.

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