Four seasons part 2

I finally completed the three remaining large compositions for my four seasons project. They are all 41 x 31 cms – the size of the khadi paper I used as the base layer.  Once finished, they were mounted on white card.




I loved this project.  Even though I did it in one fell swoop, rather than during the relevant season, I had lots of bits collected over the year squirelled away and it was great to find a use for them.  As I am always in the garden it was easy to find the seasonal connection.

A little book for trees

I made this book by printing and stencilling colour and shapes, mainly circles and diamonds  with some freehand monoprinting, on to an A 1 sheet of paper, then tearing the sheet into pages which I then bound into the book.  Laura Kemshall did a video on this some weeks ago and it certainly gives an interesting canvas to work on.  I spent a while wondering how to take it further, then decided to explore the shape of trees and leaves.  I used collage, more printing, drawing, real leaves and also cut away some of the original shapes to reveal the underlying page. Here are a few of the pages.

Itis still a work in progress.


Sketchbook workshop

More than a year ago I did a workshop with Cas Holmes at West Dean, on using sketchbooks as a starting point for further work.  I was not well at the time and felt I hadn’t produced anything worthwhile, but when I came to look at the work again, I felt there was a lot more there that could inspire me further. Here are just a few of the pages.

We started by just adding marks and colour to pages:

then did some drawing: this was looking through a window in the Great Hall:

Outside in the gardens:

Then made collages from a variety of bits and pieces we had either brought with us or found lying around the studio (other students’ cast-offs).  We also took photographsand then played around with the images, enlarging, tearing them into strips, etc.


I revisited the lattice work on the windows:

The following page uses an small isolated section from a drawing to be reproduced with fabric and stitch.

We were also given a challenge to make something using chance criteria – mine was a postcard using a colour I don’t normally work with: red.  Luckily I had a few bits with me and I was given some red crepe paper by another student.


A second tote bag


I love the first bag I made and decided to make one as a birthday present for a friend.  The indigo patches are from fabrics that had been dyed either by her or by me, so it felt appropriate to use them for this.

Inside I have used a piece of ice dyed fabric:

I’m glad to say she was very pleased with it!