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More work for module 2

 Some more watercolour studies

Spartan apples

Beech leaves

Red cabbage leaf and tea towel

A series of collages

I was looking through some old photos and found some drawings my father had done of stylised birds.  I had done a page of wash, using some salt crystals and thought I could make an imaginary bird landscape.  I used a piece of paper I had painted and used cling film on, copied the 3 bird shapes at the bottom and on the right on to glossy paper, traced the other flying shapes on to painted papers added a drawn bird and a little more wash.

I took inspiration from two plates with fish designs to make the fish collage, using a variety of painted papers.

Using photographs and collage

I used gesso on the 2 jug photos and sandpaper on the pot one.  Further gesso was added to the page before the wash of colour to give some texture.  The other shapes were traced from photos and then painted.

The rubbings are done from wire shapes using oil pastels,  the collage shapes cut from a variety of painted papers, some enhanced with gold markel stick.

These rubbings were done using tissue paper over the shapes above, which I then glued on to the page with acrylic medium over a pale wash.  There is also a green rubbing of a lovage seed head in two of the pots (this perhsps could do with strengthening with some pencil lines).  I then went over the whole page with more wash.

I love my Provençal jug which sits in the sitting room filled with lavender.  On the first left hand page I collaged a photo of a piece of work I did using silk paper, scrim, net and stitch.  I used gesso to soften the edges, but this didn’t take the watercolour paint as much as I wanted so I used oil pastel to knock it back.  The jug shape on the second page is the cut out shape.

Module 2 – Colour

So many ways of using colour, so many things to try!  Here is my first work for this module.

I  decided to add some colour to this image from Module 1 in order to try to better integrate the photo into the page.  Watercolour wash, a collaged mug and oil pastel.

Watercolour pencils

Watercolour paints

A study of apples, pears and leaves using watercolour paints.

The garden falls into Autumn

I decided to get a bit more adventurous with this next project where the first page is cut away to show the pages underneath:

First I put a wash over the whole first page spread – green first, then a bit of brown and used a scrunched up paper towel to add texture.  I’d done some watercolour studies of leaves on watercolour paper which I cut out and fixed to the left hand page with gel medium.   The pear is painted using watercolours.  The leaves on the right hand page are drawn with water soluble pencils.  I cut away a shape to reveal the pear underneath which is painted.  The one on the right is collaged, as is the leaf on the reverse of the cut away page.  The rest of the leaves are painted.  Finally I added the words.

Oil pastel and watercolour

Oil pastel was used first as a rubbing on card shapes and wire, watercolour was added to the forms and the oil pastel below the line.  Finally a wash was added to the rest of the page.
Oil pastel and watercolour 2. Same technique as above.

Watercolour wash

 I did this on watercolour paper and had the page at a steep angle.  First the blue wash to which I added some salt, then I turned the page upside down for the red wash.  I added some soft graphite pencil once it was dry.  I love the unpredictability this method gives.

Watercolour and clingfilm


While the paint was wet I crumpled clingfilm over the whole paper and waited until the paint was dry to remove the film.  This has a landscape feel to it so I intend to add other marks.