Eco-printed hangings

These were done in the months following the workshop with India.  Different bits of fabric were sewn together on to a backing fabric and then put into the aluminium dye pot, having been wrapped around plant material.

This is the first one.  I used quite a lot of elderberries and onion skins as well as leaves, with more onion skins and teabags in the pot.  The top left pink piece had previously been dyed with madder.  The stitching and buttons were added after dyeing.


Here I used mainly indigo dyed fabrics, with lots of onion skins and green walnut skins within the bundle.  Both works have a mixture of cotton, linen and silk fabrics.



Dyeing for quilt making

A catch-up exercise, having found lots of work I haven’t kept a record of on this blog.  Last year I did an online course with Elizabeth Barton on various aspects of dyeing cloth for quilt-making.  I didn’t get round to actually making any quilts, but I was particularly interested in Elizabeth’s methods for arashi dyeing (wrapping fabric around a pole, scrunching up tightly and then dyed.

First we dyed a series of greys to obtain different values:


I got as far as sketching this design for a quilt from a photo I had taken of the old pier in Brighton, but that’s it!



Then came the fun, arashi:





We also did some screen printing:





These are done using a resist, mainly cut pieces of paper.

Printing with leaves and other plant material:



Some of these pieces have found their way into various books and other works.


A Holiday Scroll Book

I took the makings of a scroll to work on whilst on holiday in France and then gave it to a friend down there.  It was very pleasant sitting on the terrace stitching by hand. I had done all the cutting out and printing beforehand.

Rolled up:

jsp_2305-1scroll book rolled up

The front:


The back: