Eco printing on paper

Having watched various Youtube videos on eco printing papers, I’ve been trying a different technique.  I soaked watercolour and mixed media papers in aluminium acetate and plant material in alum, though I forgot to do the plant material once and it didn’t seem to make any difference.  I secured the layers of paper between two round grids with G clamps, but quite loose.  I added a little vinegar to the boiling water and a good teaspoon Rit blue dye.  I am really pleased with the results.  Some of the pages I made into a book, some I used for cards and I still have plenty more sheets to do something with.   Plant material used :  leaves and shoots of walnut, continus, black elderberry, mountain ash, acer, St John’s wort shoots with flowers just opening and rose shoots with a red flower (the cover).  I also used some French marigold and anthemis tinctoria  flowers plus some autumn rose and continus leaves that had been in the freezer. View the Post